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The Only Closet Conference Exclusively for Independent Closet Business Owners, Their Staff and Invited Vendors


Hilton Atlanta Northeast
October 30th thru November 1st, 2019




Notice to Closet Franchises: Stop reading because you are not invited to this conference



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Main Event

Meet an Incredible Installer


Rico Williams ~ Silver Medalist in the Master Closet 2500
Savannah Closet Olympics 2014

To me, installing closets is not my job, it’s my career.
Rico Williams

For twenty-four years, senior installer Rico Williams has worked at Closet & Cabinet Experts in Savannah, GA, and it’s been a great ride. Rico has developed skills far beyond those of ‘mortal’ installers. Hear his testimony and sage-like advice, including:

  • Transitioning from hourly to commission
  • Training helpers to become installers
  • What NOT to say to the customers
  • Being your Ambassador of Good Will
  • Dealing with hostile clients
  • Carrying the baton (final payment) across the finish line
  • Details of his most humorous and embarrassing experiences

Confessions of a Recovering Closet Franchisee

Get the inside scoop on how closet franchises operate and what you can do to effectively compete with these titans who dominate the search engines. Join Leo & Cheryl Meyer, California Closets franchisees for 20 years before they saw the light and went independent. Also, join a forum on how to match wits with the scammers who offer 40% off and free installations, and the morons who believe this drivel.

We would be happy to share our experience as former franchise owners.  You put on a great conference and that is saying something coming from Leo Meyer. Cheryl Meyer ~ Cardinal Closets

Unveiling of CIA Basic Training Course for Closet Sales & Design

Closet Institute of America

How much time and energy does the average small closet business owner expend training new designers/salespersons, only to have the candidate not make it or move on? The CIA Basic Training Course for Closet Sales & Design has been developed to teach your next designer the elements of closet sales and design. This course will be the greatest addition to the closet industry since the 32 mm system.



When your new designer says a closet dimension is 83-1/2 inches, and 3 of those little things, it’s time to get help. Mike Carson ~ Inspired Closets Oakbrook

Includes: Does the Closet Industry Need Design Standards?

Collaborating with Interior Designers
Collaborating with Interior Designers
Coordinating with Builders
Coordinating with Builders
Partnering with Architects
Partnering with Architects

The closet industry is only 65 years behind the kitchen and bath industry in developing basic standards. We have been referred to as a ‘rogue’ industry with everyone using different benchmarks and criterion. Why do we need standards? You already use the 32 mm standard. If the closet and storage industry hopes to gain real legitimacy, we must be recognized by architects, home builders, remodelers, and interior designers, all of whom have standards.


The closet and storage industry is like a ‘rogue’ group, everyone does it a different way. Dave Strickland ~ Cabinet Vision

Four Successful Closet Professionals Share Their Secrets as S.W.O.T. Teams Return


The Summit has chosen four premiere independent closet business owners to present their companies by analyzing their company’s


Strengths ~ Weaknesses ~ Opportunities ~ Threats.


All attendees will participate in a Q&A where you can pick their brains on any aspect of their success.

Post 2018 Greenville Summit Survey Question #5:

How would you rate the SWOT Team Session?

Excellent – 46.88%

Very Good – 32.81%

Good – 20.31

Not Good – 0%

SEALS Teams Restricted Round Table Sessions

Closet Storage Group Seals Team

Prior to the Summit, registered attendees complete a confidential survey about their companies. We divide up the attendees into non-compete affinity groups, comprised of closet business owners and key staff, and meet in round-tables to discuss: best practices, confidential data, pricing, marketing, hiring and firing, performance comparisons, cost of goods sold, competing with franchises and much more. This is the most popular and most requested session at the Summit.

"If 'Information is Power', at the Summit, the Power is yours for the taking".
Willam Deas ~ Atlanta Closet & Storage

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Two Networking Breakfasts
  • Two Networking Luncheons
  • Welcome to Atlanta Networking Meet and Greet Happy Hour
  • Networking NASCARBS Belt Sander Racing Happy Hour and All Conference Sessions
  • Discussions, Round Tables and Shop/Showroom Tours . . .

. . . and did we mention Networking?

No other closet conference gives so much bang for your buck. All you have to do is register and show up. We take care of the rest. Regardless of where you are on your closet industry journey, the Closet Summit is the best investment you can make to grow your business and network with other independent closet business owners, staff and selected vendors.

"We really enjoy the people that make up the Summit, and look forward to reconnecting every year! It's like going to a family reunion, that you actually enjoy".

Paul  ~Brushy Creek Custom Doors

"The depth of knowledge about the closet industry in the room was very impressive. These are the titans of the independent closet community."
Josh ~ Closet & Cabinet Experts

"The one place where you can live and breathe closets for 48 hours and learn from the veterans. It's the best value of all the closet conferences".
B. Kannan ~ Closet Creations Edmonton

"The Summit is the best and most targeted professional conference I've ever attended. There's a spirit of camaraderie and information sharing that you simply aren't going to get anywhere else."
Paul P. ~ Carolina Closets

CIA Designer and Installer Track

CIA Designer Installer Track
Closet Institute of America
CIA Designer Installer

Three of our industry's titans will moderate our discussions on challenges facing our designers, managers and installers. Sessions includes panel discussions, round tables, guest speaker presentations and Q&A from the entire group.  This is one of the most popular events at the Summit. Many of our vendor partners participate in this event.

Friday ~ November 1st ~ 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


 "Jeff, keep it up. Your passion and energy that you invest in the Summit is obvious. 
That is why it grows and people return". Ken Rogg ~ White House Closets  ~ PA

Showroom and Shop Tour Hosted by: Artisan Custom Closets - Friday Afternoon ~ November 1st, 2019

Artisan Custom Closets Roswell Magazine
Artisan Custom Closets

Always the highlight of every Summit, the entire group is transported to 29,000 square feet of manufacturing magnificence and showroom sublimeness. Owner Lisa Carlquist will dazzle you with her state-of-the-art production facility and gorgeous showroom displays, all under one roof.


“I’m new to the closet business. I Love the Summit. The opportunities to learn real world solutions to common problems, and the comfort in knowing I am not alone., are priceless. I am not sure I would have made it thru my 2nd year without the Closet Summit.”
Larry ~ Closet Solutions Florida


“Every Summit I come away with tangible ideas that I can implement to make an immediate impact on my bottom line. This is because of the networking with other independent owners. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY IF YOU DON'T ATTEND!”
Mike ~ Carolina Closets Plus


“We went to 3 shows this year and by far, we feel the Closet Summit was the best ROI. It didn't feel like a "trade show" but a gathering of friends for a common purpose.”
Kathy ~ Organized Space

Vendor Displays Throughout the Conference


Discover the latest and greatest in closet innovations, accessories, hardware, software, machinery and much more. Participate in our two hour Vendorama Thursday afternoon by registering for workshops, demonstrations, and focus groups to pull ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

"And this is how it's done".

"The attitude of the Summit's leadership, as well as the vendors and the attendees, screamed " I would like share what I know that will help you be successful while making the network of independent closet industry professionals better as a whole!"
Steve ~ Reid Manufacturing


“As an exhibitor, the Summit is a great opportunity to "peek behind the curtain" of the closet industry and learn what our customers need or would benefit from.”
Chris ~ Colonial Saw