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“At the Summit’s Belt-Sander Races, You’re a Winner Even if You’re a Loser”

The Closet Summit means serious business when it comes to growing your closet business. We cram two years worth of vital information into two days of conference. Like the proverb says, all work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. So to add sizzle to the meaty conference steak, the Summit interjects some fun. The NASCARBS (National Association of Stupid Closet Amateurs Racing Belt-Sanders) is one of our ways of including levity into our intense conference. To win a grand prize, offered last year by Felder Group USA, four belt-sanders compete in a quadfecta winner take all. To determine the winner, two parallel plywood tracks, 41.67 feet long (500″) are set up during the Thursday evening Happy Hour. This year’s arena is the Greenville 500″ (that’s 500 inches, not 500 laps) Motor Speedway at the Greenville Hilton conference ballroom. With four belt sander entries, the first two race to establish a winner and a loser. The second two race next. In the third heat, the two losers race to determine 3rd and 4th place and in the fourth and final heat, the two winners race to determine first and second. You must get all four correct, in the proper sequence, to win. Each bet costs $20 with three of $50. In Austin last October, Felder Group USA donated their FAT-300 lift table as grand prize, valued at $600. All proceeds from the race pay for the Happy Hour drinks, so everyone’s a winner, even if you’re a loser. “It don’t take much to amuse us country folks”.

Link to NASCARBS final race